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  1.   yesterday was different  -— lucy was stretched out over him, snoring softly into his skin, the fingers of one hand splayed across his bare chest. her legs were tangled with his. schroeder wondered why he had fought this for years as he stroked her hip, fingertips brushing the lace waistband of her underwear.  ;; schroder x lucy // mildly sexual. aged up!fic.
  2.  candy corn lollipops -—  "so," lucy started, staring up at the cold bright sky of late october afternoon. next to her sat sally brown, who, appeared to be more interested in smiling absently at her hands than her companion. "my  brother finally admitted it, huh?" ;; sally x linus ;;
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  1.  odds are -— in the eighth grade year of our favorite boys, cartman opens his mouth and makes an observation and is his usual asshole self. shit gets awkward. -— kenny / butters. stan / kyle. metioned!cartman x wendy.

  3. did i say that out loud? -— "kenny, dude -- don't, uh, don't take this the wrong way, but, are you, and butters, like . . . dating or something?" stupid, shameless (cracky) fluff. -— kenny / butters.

  1. and not a moment too soon -— having butters angry at him, and just him, was a strange thing. 'specially since he wasn't even sure what he actually did at all. 9th grade was just a bag of dicks all around lately. -— kenny / butters

  3. pinch me -— ". . . so you and butters got married?" after 'going native.' -— slight!kenny / butters.

  1. candy corn and scar tissue -— halloween happens, butters paints faces, homoerotic subtext happens, and then satan or aliens. or both. -— stan / kyle. kenny / butters. cartman x wendy.

  3. say nice things to me -— butters is a helpful sort of guy who carries hello kitty bandages in his pockets and knows how to reset a broken nose. -— kenny / butters.

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  1. a bundle of forget-me-nots ///  abby x kuki /// years after the decommissioning of sector v, the former numbuh five and three meet in college and fall in-love (again?) under a sea of shared blurred memories and visions of previous times. notes --- > started months ago; editing is rough, yo.

  3. hush hush /// ( abby x ) kuki x fanny ( x rachel )  /// fanny is three different kinds of in love with rachel and is frustrated and aching. kuki, always thirsty for affection, real or make believe, is willing to be a substitute. its a game of pretend all around. notes --- > lesbians. fingering. and more lesbians. or bisexuals. whatever.

  5. keep it strong /// divorce is a bitter thing. and kuki is still feeling the sting years after her parents go in different directions. but hoagie is there. he'll keep her steady and strong. notes ---- > kuki thinks a lot of swears. also, bffs hoage and kuki are my aesthetic. 
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I have a few fan babies of my favorite pairings. The most developed of these has to be the Discoshy/Fluttercord baby that I've dubbed Calamity. If I could draw, I'd do a pic, but alas I can't so here's a vague description with other ocs.



Calamity has a darker mane then her mother, but not quite a Pinkie shade.  It's darker -- almost magenta. Her eyes are Discord's red but lighter and softer. She has no horn, but still has wings. They are feathered, but rougher and not as stream-lined as a full pegasus, a call back to her half-draconequus heritage. Body  wise, she appears mostly pony minus one lion paw, her snake-like tail, and light scaling on her wings. 

As the daughter of the spirit of chaos, she is inclined to stirring up the faint inklings of mayhem with harmless (mostly) pranks. She, however, is easily startled and prefers playing her cards from the sidelines. She also has some minor magic abilities even without a horn that mostly appear as levitating objects.

Rumor claims that she might have warm -and-fuzzy feelings for the daughter of a certain apple-bucking mare. 

siblings | havoc (stallion); lucky strike (mare).

mother | fluttershy.

father discord.



The adopted daughter of Pinkie Pie and her partner, Rarity. 

Red Velvet has a light red coat with a creamy-hued mane that's fluffy and wavy as whipped frosting. Her eyes are a soft blue color. Her personality is as sweet as her name though she can be fussy, and is a bit of a neat-freak. She is especially skilled at making cakes and cupcakes inspired by Rarity's own clothing designs who sells them at showings. 

She's in a romance with Prism Shade. Sort of. Kinda.

siblings | none.

mother | rarity and pinkie pie.



A stallion with a dark grey coat and a faded rainbow mane.

siblings | kaleidoscope (mare + twin). 

mother | rainbow dash

father | soarin'.



The older sibling of Applejack's two children, she keeps the orchard running when her mother is away. She has strong leadership skills and work ethic, but a clumsy streak. She always has ace bandages around a foreleg from a strain or stumble.

Her coat is a slight, darker orange then her mother's. Her mane is a almost, strawberry blonde hue. She lacks freckles and her eyes are brown.

siblings candy crisp (mare + half-sibling).

mother applejack.

father | unknown.



Named by Pinkie Pie who helped deliver her, Candy is sweet as sugar, but lacks the desire to do much around Sweet Apple Orchard. She is much more content in the kitchen making pies. 

Her coat is red while her mane is a soft honey brown. Her eyes are green.

siblings | autumn gold (mare + half-sibling).

 mother | applejack.

father | unknown.



The daughter of Twilight Sparkle and Princess Celestia conceived via a spell. 

siblings | prince radiant (stallion).

mother | princess twilight sparkle and princess celestia.




siblings | none.

mother | princess luna.

father | unknown.

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title; hush, darling, you're just nervous

summary; homemade leads to a kiss. [ficlet.]

pairings; linus x sally.

 Linus blinks, taking in Charlie Brown's kitchen and the thin coating of flour that seems to be covering every possible surface. Dirty measuring cups and mixing bowls are in a lackadaisical pile in the sink, and something that looks vaguely orange and sweet smelling is dripping onto the linoleum floor. Charlie Brown sighs, running a hand through his platinum hair.

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  • Right Here -- a solid three months after the events of "Island Adventure," Lars and Sadie communicate, honestly, and, maybe, come to except the romantic undertones of their relationship. [Lars x Sadie; ficlet or oneshot ] P-13.

  • New Years Day -- pregnant, sleepy, and warm; a twenty five year-old Sadie celebrates the new year with her closest friends and lover, Steven, the Crystal Gems, and Lars. everything is pretty okay. [Lars x Sadie, slight!Steven x Connie, implied!Pearl/Garnet; ficlet. ] P-13.


  • Dirty, Dirty Girl -- Lars and Sadie are stuck in a friendship with chaste kisses, heavy hearts, and wandering hands. Sadie flirts with Sour Cream, and Lars is surprisingly (or not so much, really) jealous. Of Sadie getting along with the cool-kids, or the cool-kids flirting with his Sadie? [Lars x Sadie; oneshot ] R.

  • Bigger -- thick, chubby, fat; she is all of those of things, and magazines and society say that Lars shouldn't look at Sadie the way he does. [established!Lars x Sadie; oneshot ] R.

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  • THE START OF SOMETHING GOOD -- "I'm sorry," Flaky murmured, large eyes wet with  tears. She curled her fingers into the crimson fur at her thighs, anxiety a thick lump in her throat. "You're so good, Flippy. I should know you wouldn't . . . , " she swallowed heavily, trailing off, "I should have known that you have a problem." Apologies are the foundation of future bliss. Or something close to it. [FLAKY X FLIPPY.]

  • ANYTHING YOU WANT TO HEAR -- flippy was regular member of Happy Tree town before war with a baseball cap and an tendency to be disemboweled by random objects. the tuesday night before he boarded the bus to deployment, he plays a game of baseball with cuddles, flaky, and the gang. [ FLIPPY X FLAKY. slight!CUDDLES x FLAKY.]

  • THE SOFT PART OF MY INSIDES -- flaky shivered in fear, quills lifting in an attempt to defend herself if the need arose, but flippy, or if she realized it or not, his other personality, just grinned all gum and fang. "Shh!" he growled with a deep rattling laugh that made flaky's stomach twist in unpleasant knots. [implied!evil!FLIPPY X FLAKY. past!slight!GIGGLES X FLIPPY. ]

  • HAND-IN-HAND --- "are you okay?" flippy turned to stare at the quiet, stuttering  voice. flaky was looking up at him, soft eyes concerned. flippy smiled at the younger porcupine, "bad date yesterday." [FLIPPY x FLAKY.]
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BEDROCK --- can be a bonding experience for employees and their employer, but then again, so can running from an inter dimensional destruction demon. regardless, mordecai is a cuddly  sleeper, and benson just happens to be closest. honestly. stop looking at them, skips. (mordecai/benson, ficlet)

SALSA, SUGAR, AND SMOKE -- first kisses can be fucking awesome or a train wreck. mordecai being a smoke consuasor makes the later happen. basically, pot tastes better than nicotine. don't you know anything, benson? goddammit. (mordecai/benson, drabble.)

PETALS -- "eileen, seriously, you are pretty," margaret argued. she grabbed her sullen mole friend's chin in the palm of her feathered hand. "rigby is just slow." (rigby x eileen, slight!margaret/eileen, ficlet)

SUNDAY MORNING -- margaret was back from university the same as always, but, she, and mordecai, are officially over, fallen into the "just friends" category. everything is just fine. (mordecai x cj, margaret/eileen,drabble)

PARKED CARS -- a evening out for the park crew ends up . . . nice. drive-ins are the way to go. (mordecai/benson, implied!eileen x rigby, ficlet.)
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Zeke is a gentleman at heart, I swear it. )
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notes| all of the titles are just the working titles to distinguish ideas from each other. 


  • RAINBOW YARN -- a field trip to wonder wharf for the older kids of Wagstaff ends with Tina timidly excepting a far too brightly colored stuffed horse from a suddenly awkward, embarrassed, and abrasive Jimmy Jr. Zeke just finds it hilarious. [ficlet, jimmy jr x tina] | note | STARTED on 3/2/14.

  • MEMORY BOX -- a few years down the road, Josh, now graduated from high school and dating a clingy and enthusiastic Douglass, decides to visit Tina, and discovers how little of a real chance he had with winning Tina in the form of many saved Valentines' [oneshot, past!josh x tina, douglass/josh, jimmy jr x tina]

  • MY DANCING KNOWS WHAT YOU ARE -- Josh and Tina, officially fallen into the just friends category,  go out for catching up "date." Questions get asked, people appear, and Josh realizes, that despite the apparent "making up" they had at the end of the disastrous school dance and the respect they have for each other's dancing, he's still a tender area for Jimmy Jr. [oneshot, jimmy jr x tina, past!josh x tina]

  • THIS PARTY -- Gene and Louise plan to escape from school for one reason or another in the form of biting sarcasm, a carefully hatched plan, and the Pesto twins. It really doesn't go as planned. companion to: RAINBOW YARN   [ficlet, gen, louise and pesto twins friendship]

  • EYES -- Tina manages to smash her glasses, and had forgotten  a backup pair. Legally blind without aid and clumsy already; Zeke is surprisingly helpful in her plight. [ficlet, zeke and tina friendship] notes | DONE. 3/3/14

  • DIE YOUNG -- After watching Tina leave hand-in-hand with Jimmy Jr, Linda says what comes to her mind, and Bob is suddenly stricken with the horrifying reality of what-could-be: Mrs. Tina Ruth Poplopovich. [drabble, jimmy jr x tina, linda x bob, family love]

  • CELEBRITY STATUS -- Zeke and Tammy discuss Tina's mysterious ability of actually getting boys interested in her despite her awkwardness while Tammy only has lady's man Lenny Hatch.   The conversation is surprising, and enlightening for Tammy. [ficlet, slight!zeke x tammy, impiled jimmy jr x tina.]

  • SODA&MUSIC, A WAY TO MY HEART -- Tina is no longer tripping on caffeine. Jimmy Junior comes over to visit. "you said you couldn't understand me." ". . . . uh, sorry." [ficlet, jimmy junior x tina.]

  • HANDS -- The Belcher kids and the Pesto kids walk home from school together in the early springtime. Tina is going to hold Jimmy Jr's hand. SHE IS. [drabble, louise and pesto twin friendship, tina x jimmy junior.]

  • YOU, ME, AND THAT GUY --  A new kid at school gains a crush on Tina. Tina finds it suprisingly annoying. And weird. Jimmy Junior is just . . . confused. [oneshot, onesided!oc x tina, jimmy junior x tina.]

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