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  • Right Here -- a solid three months after the events of "Island Adventure," Lars and Sadie communicate, honestly, and, maybe, come to except the romantic undertones of their relationship. [Lars x Sadie; ficlet or oneshot ] P-13.

  • New Years Day -- pregnant, sleepy, and warm; a twenty five year-old Sadie celebrates the new year with her closest friends and lover, Steven, the Crystal Gems, and Lars. everything is pretty okay. [Lars x Sadie, slight!Steven x Connie, implied!Pearl/Garnet; ficlet. ] P-13.


  • Dirty, Dirty Girl -- Lars and Sadie are stuck in a friendship with chaste kisses, heavy hearts, and wandering hands. Sadie flirts with Sour Cream, and Lars is surprisingly (or not so much, really) jealous. Of Sadie getting along with the cool-kids, or the cool-kids flirting with his Sadie? [Lars x Sadie; oneshot ] R.

  • Bigger -- thick, chubby, fat; she is all of those of things, and magazines and society say that Lars shouldn't look at Sadie the way he does. [established!Lars x Sadie; oneshot ] R.

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