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  1.   yesterday was different  -— lucy was stretched out over him, snoring softly into his skin, the fingers of one hand splayed across his bare chest. her legs were tangled with his. schroeder wondered why he had fought this for years as he stroked her hip, fingertips brushing the lace waistband of her underwear.  ;; schroder x lucy // mildly sexual. aged up!fic.
  2.  candy corn lollipops -—  "so," lucy started, staring up at the cold bright sky of late october afternoon. next to her sat sally brown, who, appeared to be more interested in smiling absently at her hands than her companion. "my  brother finally admitted it, huh?" ;; sally x linus ;;
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title; hush, darling, you're just nervous

summary; homemade leads to a kiss. [ficlet.]

pairings; linus x sally.

 Linus blinks, taking in Charlie Brown's kitchen and the thin coating of flour that seems to be covering every possible surface. Dirty measuring cups and mixing bowls are in a lackadaisical pile in the sink, and something that looks vaguely orange and sweet smelling is dripping onto the linoleum floor. Charlie Brown sighs, running a hand through his platinum hair.

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