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I have a few fan babies of my favorite pairings. The most developed of these has to be the Discoshy/Fluttercord baby that I've dubbed Calamity. If I could draw, I'd do a pic, but alas I can't so here's a vague description with other ocs.



Calamity has a darker mane then her mother, but not quite a Pinkie shade.  It's darker -- almost magenta. Her eyes are Discord's red but lighter and softer. She has no horn, but still has wings. They are feathered, but rougher and not as stream-lined as a full pegasus, a call back to her half-draconequus heritage. Body  wise, she appears mostly pony minus one lion paw, her snake-like tail, and light scaling on her wings. 

As the daughter of the spirit of chaos, she is inclined to stirring up the faint inklings of mayhem with harmless (mostly) pranks. She, however, is easily startled and prefers playing her cards from the sidelines. She also has some minor magic abilities even without a horn that mostly appear as levitating objects.

Rumor claims that she might have warm -and-fuzzy feelings for the daughter of a certain apple-bucking mare. 

siblings | havoc (stallion); lucky strike (mare).

mother | fluttershy.

father discord.



The adopted daughter of Pinkie Pie and her partner, Rarity. 

Red Velvet has a light red coat with a creamy-hued mane that's fluffy and wavy as whipped frosting. Her eyes are a soft blue color. Her personality is as sweet as her name though she can be fussy, and is a bit of a neat-freak. She is especially skilled at making cakes and cupcakes inspired by Rarity's own clothing designs who sells them at showings. 

She's in a romance with Prism Shade. Sort of. Kinda.

siblings | none.

mother | rarity and pinkie pie.



A stallion with a dark grey coat and a faded rainbow mane.

siblings | kaleidoscope (mare + twin). 

mother | rainbow dash

father | soarin'.



The older sibling of Applejack's two children, she keeps the orchard running when her mother is away. She has strong leadership skills and work ethic, but a clumsy streak. She always has ace bandages around a foreleg from a strain or stumble.

Her coat is a slight, darker orange then her mother's. Her mane is a almost, strawberry blonde hue. She lacks freckles and her eyes are brown.

siblings candy crisp (mare + half-sibling).

mother applejack.

father | unknown.



Named by Pinkie Pie who helped deliver her, Candy is sweet as sugar, but lacks the desire to do much around Sweet Apple Orchard. She is much more content in the kitchen making pies. 

Her coat is red while her mane is a soft honey brown. Her eyes are green.

siblings | autumn gold (mare + half-sibling).

 mother | applejack.

father | unknown.



The daughter of Twilight Sparkle and Princess Celestia conceived via a spell. 

siblings | prince radiant (stallion).

mother | princess twilight sparkle and princess celestia.




siblings | none.

mother | princess luna.

father | unknown.

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