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Birthdate:Apr 22, 1994
Location:Maine, United States of America
kati | 21 | female

just a dump for fanfic and meta of all of my fandom interests.
feel free to comment or friend.
critique is always welcomed~!

Interests (134):

adventure time, all time low, art, australia, batman, bethly, bisexuality, black widow, bob's burgers, books, brudick, bubbleline, bunny (sp), butters stotch, captain america, captain american, caryl, cats, charlie brown, codename: kids next door,, craig tucker, cuddles x giggles, daryl dixon, dc comics, disney, dragon age, elsa, elsanna, erin hunter, falllout, fallout, family, fandom, fanfiction, farkas, flaky, flippy, foe yay, friends, frozen, gargoyles, ghost adventures, ghostgirl, ghouls, girls, gorillaz, halestorm, happy tree friends, harry potter, haruno sakura, hating tumblr, hey arnold!, ho yay, homoerotic subtext, homosexuality, horror movies, in this moment, jealousy kink, jimmy pesto, john f kennedy, kakagai, kakaobi, kakasaku, kangaroos, katy perry, kenny mccormick, kenutters, kittens, kuroko no basket, lady gaga, lemongrab, les yay, love triangles, marceline the vampire queen, marianas trench, marvel, mass effect, meta, my little pony, naruhina, nature, numbuh 364, numbuh four, once upon a time, ot3, otherwise, otp, p!nk, palletshipping, photography, pikashipping, poetry, pokemon, prince gumball, princess bubblegum, psychology, pucca, reddit, rickyl, rise of the guardians, sailor moon, sarah dessen, sasukarin, sasusaku, shakira, sharon creech, skyrim, sleepy hollow, snk, south park, sp bunny, steven universe, subtext, teen titans, the amazing world of gumball, the beatles, the companions, the flappers, the hunger games, the ocean, the sims, the stick of truth, the walking dead, thor, thorki, tina belcher, uchiha sasuke, uzumaki karin, uzumaki naruto, vilkas, warrior cats, we bare bears, zombies
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