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  1.  odds are -— in the eighth grade year of our favorite boys, cartman opens his mouth and makes an observation and is his usual asshole self. shit gets awkward. -— kenny / butters. stan / kyle. metioned!cartman x wendy.

  3. did i say that out loud? -— "kenny, dude -- don't, uh, don't take this the wrong way, but, are you, and butters, like . . . dating or something?" stupid, shameless (cracky) fluff. -— kenny / butters.

  1. and not a moment too soon -— having butters angry at him, and just him, was a strange thing. 'specially since he wasn't even sure what he actually did at all. 9th grade was just a bag of dicks all around lately. -— kenny / butters

  3. pinch me -— ". . . so you and butters got married?" after 'going native.' -— slight!kenny / butters.

  1. candy corn and scar tissue -— halloween happens, butters paints faces, homoerotic subtext happens, and then satan or aliens. or both. -— stan / kyle. kenny / butters. cartman x wendy.

  3. say nice things to me -— butters is a helpful sort of guy who carries hello kitty bandages in his pockets and knows how to reset a broken nose. -— kenny / butters.

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