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  1. a bundle of forget-me-nots ///  abby x kuki /// years after the decommissioning of sector v, the former numbuh five and three meet in college and fall in-love (again?) under a sea of shared blurred memories and visions of previous times. notes --- > started months ago; editing is rough, yo.

  3. hush hush /// ( abby x ) kuki x fanny ( x rachel )  /// fanny is three different kinds of in love with rachel and is frustrated and aching. kuki, always thirsty for affection, real or make believe, is willing to be a substitute. its a game of pretend all around. notes --- > lesbians. fingering. and more lesbians. or bisexuals. whatever.

  5. keep it strong /// divorce is a bitter thing. and kuki is still feeling the sting years after her parents go in different directions. but hoagie is there. he'll keep her steady and strong. notes ---- > kuki thinks a lot of swears. also, bffs hoage and kuki are my aesthetic. 
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