Jun. 24th, 2014

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  • THE START OF SOMETHING GOOD -- "I'm sorry," Flaky murmured, large eyes wet with  tears. She curled her fingers into the crimson fur at her thighs, anxiety a thick lump in her throat. "You're so good, Flippy. I should know you wouldn't . . . , " she swallowed heavily, trailing off, "I should have known that you have a problem." Apologies are the foundation of future bliss. Or something close to it. [FLAKY X FLIPPY.]

  • ANYTHING YOU WANT TO HEAR -- flippy was regular member of Happy Tree town before war with a baseball cap and an tendency to be disemboweled by random objects. the tuesday night before he boarded the bus to deployment, he plays a game of baseball with cuddles, flaky, and the gang. [ FLIPPY X FLAKY. slight!CUDDLES x FLAKY.]

  • THE SOFT PART OF MY INSIDES -- flaky shivered in fear, quills lifting in an attempt to defend herself if the need arose, but flippy, or if she realized it or not, his other personality, just grinned all gum and fang. "Shh!" he growled with a deep rattling laugh that made flaky's stomach twist in unpleasant knots. [implied!evil!FLIPPY X FLAKY. past!slight!GIGGLES X FLIPPY. ]

  • HAND-IN-HAND --- "are you okay?" flippy turned to stare at the quiet, stuttering  voice. flaky was looking up at him, soft eyes concerned. flippy smiled at the younger porcupine, "bad date yesterday." [FLIPPY x FLAKY.]

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