Mar. 2nd, 2014

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notes| all of the titles are just the working titles to distinguish ideas from each other. 


  • RAINBOW YARN -- a field trip to wonder wharf for the older kids of Wagstaff ends with Tina timidly excepting a far too brightly colored stuffed horse from a suddenly awkward, embarrassed, and abrasive Jimmy Jr. Zeke just finds it hilarious. [ficlet, jimmy jr x tina] | note | STARTED on 3/2/14.

  • MEMORY BOX -- a few years down the road, Josh, now graduated from high school and dating a clingy and enthusiastic Douglass, decides to visit Tina, and discovers how little of a real chance he had with winning Tina in the form of many saved Valentines' [oneshot, past!josh x tina, douglass/josh, jimmy jr x tina]

  • MY DANCING KNOWS WHAT YOU ARE -- Josh and Tina, officially fallen into the just friends category,  go out for catching up "date." Questions get asked, people appear, and Josh realizes, that despite the apparent "making up" they had at the end of the disastrous school dance and the respect they have for each other's dancing, he's still a tender area for Jimmy Jr. [oneshot, jimmy jr x tina, past!josh x tina]

  • THIS PARTY -- Gene and Louise plan to escape from school for one reason or another in the form of biting sarcasm, a carefully hatched plan, and the Pesto twins. It really doesn't go as planned. companion to: RAINBOW YARN   [ficlet, gen, louise and pesto twins friendship]

  • EYES -- Tina manages to smash her glasses, and had forgotten  a backup pair. Legally blind without aid and clumsy already; Zeke is surprisingly helpful in her plight. [ficlet, zeke and tina friendship] notes | DONE. 3/3/14

  • DIE YOUNG -- After watching Tina leave hand-in-hand with Jimmy Jr, Linda says what comes to her mind, and Bob is suddenly stricken with the horrifying reality of what-could-be: Mrs. Tina Ruth Poplopovich. [drabble, jimmy jr x tina, linda x bob, family love]

  • CELEBRITY STATUS -- Zeke and Tammy discuss Tina's mysterious ability of actually getting boys interested in her despite her awkwardness while Tammy only has lady's man Lenny Hatch.   The conversation is surprising, and enlightening for Tammy. [ficlet, slight!zeke x tammy, impiled jimmy jr x tina.]

  • SODA&MUSIC, A WAY TO MY HEART -- Tina is no longer tripping on caffeine. Jimmy Junior comes over to visit. "you said you couldn't understand me." ". . . . uh, sorry." [ficlet, jimmy junior x tina.]

  • HANDS -- The Belcher kids and the Pesto kids walk home from school together in the early springtime. Tina is going to hold Jimmy Jr's hand. SHE IS. [drabble, louise and pesto twin friendship, tina x jimmy junior.]

  • YOU, ME, AND THAT GUY --  A new kid at school gains a crush on Tina. Tina finds it suprisingly annoying. And weird. Jimmy Junior is just . . . confused. [oneshot, onesided!oc x tina, jimmy junior x tina.]

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