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BEDROCK --- can be a bonding experience for employees and their employer, but then again, so can running from an inter dimensional destruction demon. regardless, mordecai is a cuddly  sleeper, and benson just happens to be closest. honestly. stop looking at them, skips. (mordecai/benson, ficlet)

SALSA, SUGAR, AND SMOKE -- first kisses can be fucking awesome or a train wreck. mordecai being a smoke consuasor makes the later happen. basically, pot tastes better than nicotine. don't you know anything, benson? goddammit. (mordecai/benson, drabble.)

PETALS -- "eileen, seriously, you are pretty," margaret argued. she grabbed her sullen mole friend's chin in the palm of her feathered hand. "rigby is just slow." (rigby x eileen, slight!margaret/eileen, ficlet)

SUNDAY MORNING -- margaret was back from university the same as always, but, she, and mordecai, are officially over, fallen into the "just friends" category. everything is just fine. (mordecai x cj, margaret/eileen,drabble)

PARKED CARS -- a evening out for the park crew ends up . . . nice. drive-ins are the way to go. (mordecai/benson, implied!eileen x rigby, ficlet.)
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